Club Seat Change Rule: When Tables Need Balanced Our Seat Change Will Be Determined By Position Of Button To Seats & Players,

   For Example, Table Two / Seat# 4 Is Eliminated & Needs a Player From Table One To Balance Tables. The Dealer @ Table Two Will Count Backwards From The Button Until Reaching The Seat# 4 Position That Needs Filled, Let's Say The Eliminated Player Was 4 Seats Behind The Button, Then The Dealer From One Would Count Backwards From The Button Until Reaching The 4th Player Behind The Button & That Player Moves To Table Two To Take The Empty Seat# 4 Position (Exceptions Are Dealers, We Would Skip To The Seat Past The Dealer In Those Case's)  Start's Friday August 7th



Now With Plexiglas Between Seats For Added Safety

Cash Game August 6th Players: (9) Of 9 Seats

Seats Will Only Be Held Until 5:45 P.M.

  1. Pete

  2. Charlie

  3. Susan

  4. Dave

  5. Alex (G)

  6. Barker

  7. Adam

  8. Greg

  9. Jim

  Waiting List Starts:




47 Cards / $1,710

All Pre-Registered Players Listed

Will Receive a $2,000 Chip Bonus

For Their Early Registration 

Except For Cash Games

(Must Register 1 Hour Before Start Time)




Next Cash Game @The Club Thursday

August 6th 5:30 P.M. (Text Bob To Play 330-310-9658)

Gloves Provided  Please Bring Your Own Mask Required

Non Touch Temperature Taken With Tournament Registration


  Friday @ 7:30

  1. Bob

  2. Jim

  3. Harold

  4. Angie

  5. Ron (A)



The New Look Of Poker Is At The Club Now