The Top 3 In All Club Tournaments Will Qualify To Play In Our Tournament Of Champions Quarterly Qualifier To Win a Free $75 Seat Into The Year End Tournament Of Champions

  • Players Who Cashed (Top 3 Spots) Will Qualify To Play In The Quarterly With a Chance At a Free TOC Seat For End Of Year Finals

  • No Carry Over Money Involved With 100% Payouts In Each Quarterly Event

  • The Tournament Of Champions Winner Gets 40% Of Buy-In Money & $500 In Club Free Play (*TOC Finals Must Have Minimum Of 16 Entries For Bonus Buy-In $ To Be Awarded)

  • To Play In The End Of Year TOC Players Must Have Played At Least Once In One Of Our 4 Quarterly Tournaments To Be Eligible To Buy-In For $75 In The Finals

  1. Step One Finish In The Top 3 Spots In Any Club Tournament To Qualify To Play In Our TOC Quarterly

  2. Qualifying For a TOC Quarterly Gets You a Guaranteed $75 Entry In The Tournament Of Champions

  3. Winners Of Our 4 Quarterly Events Win a Free Seat Into The Tournament Of Champions

  4. Qualified Players Only For TOC Buy-In Is $75 (100% Payout)



Starting Player Quarter #2 Thru-#44
With T-37      
1 Angie T-37 04-05
2 Ben T-39 04-07
3 Bob T-38 04-06
4 Dave B. T-39 04-07
5 Harold T-38 04-06
6 Mike P. T-38 04-06
7 Owen T-37 04-05
8 Zoran T-37 04-05
9 Ed T-40 04-12
10 Jake T-40 04-12
11 Jon T-40 04-12
12 Pat T-41 04-13
13 Gerald (G) T-41 04-13
14 Guido T-43 04-19
15 Kelly (G) T-44 04-20



 Any Guests Who Qualify For The Quarterly Must Have Their Memberships Paid To Play In The Quarterly Event