Our Poker Stars Club ID # Is 3404968 / The Invitation Code Is: riverroom

During this time of stay at home and no where open to play poker I have opened up a Private Club on Pokerstars, Pokerstars is a Free Download and account to play. They provide you with $50,000 Play Chips. I have started a Private Club on there were we can play. I will provide any members wanting to play with a Club Name, Our Pokerstars Club # and a Invitation Code to the on-line Club. The on-line Tournaments Buy-In's is 20-K in Pokerstars Play Money which will Be Converted to Real Club Money for the Buy-In's.  I will keep track on here and settle up with you once we return to the Club for real Poker Action, Please Play Responsibly because I will need to settle up with everyone so the Winners can get paid. All Members who are going to join us playing on-line must text me your on-line Pokerstars ID so I can list everyone on here and keep Balance's. (Settle Up When Club Opens Back Up)

IMPORTANT! If you Register to Play on Pokerstars and then Don't play your still placed at a Table As Sitting Out and Blinded Out So You Still Owe The Cash $Buy-In / If You Register You Can Unregister up until game time if you Can't Play (so be careful pre-registering)

First Step:

1) Download Pokerstars Home Games And Open Your Free Pokerstars Account (Save your ID and Password)

2) Text me your Pokerstars ID (Screen Name)

3)  You need the info. above to get in our Private Pokerstars Club (Invitation Code, Club#)

4) Once Downloaded, Log In Your Account And on Home Page Click On Home Games, Then Click On Join Private Club & Follow Directions From There 

Can you play Home games on PokerStars app?

At PokerStars, you can do just that through downloadable software called Home Games. While this is not currently available on mobile, you can download it onto your Windows PC or Android tablets.


CLUB NAMES & ID'S      *REMEMBER Playing with us on-line the Play Money is converted into Real Club Money Which you will owe less Winnings                           

Members (40) / Screen Name 

Bob / MyBeerFund

Jon / chewy0487

Pete / hiimpete

Jeff M / 197226

Bill L / BBBQueenTen

Lynn / lynn708

Ron (C) / RonCleveland

Tammy / TalkItOut

Carlo / Carlo0905

Sid / Guptsid

Reggie / Soccercrzy

Mike P. / ex82ndair

Brian D / BEATnavy97

Ben / GoBlue1485

Robin / PlayerRL

Adam / MaverickBW

Mike H. / mhart1414

Raymond / jokerswils2800

Zoran / RedStarBelgrade

Dave B. / someoddreason

Greg W. / mixedup1972

Scuba Steve / scuba74888

Charlie / Sonsofherman

Susan / QueenSusan7588

Don / TheNuts3288

Lori / Waiting4Royal

Bob Z. / BobZAK76

Burt992 / Rudy

Barker / Barker69chevell 

Big Larry / biglarjr23

Cody / loneonel

Debbie / Flipu4it

Rob / ARKO1222

Sarah / detroitstar

Friend Of Lori's / Drueben1 

Pat / PLuvCTown

Krish / MrPringles23