Girls Were Getting You Your Special Night At The Felt Starting Wednesday May 13 And Each Wednesday After, Win On a Wednesday Night And The Club Will Add $20 To Your Winnings (Club Bonus Money) Yep Really So In These Times Of Stay At Home You Got A Night To Look Forward To And Maybe Pick Up Some Extra Cash Too!







It's Crazy Times And For Poker Players It's Where Do I Find The Next Game And Even If & When You Find One How Safe Is It To Play?

Are You Gambling With More Then Just Money?

Well That's Where Our Online Poker Action Comes In, Get Your Dailey Poker Fix And Be Safe Doing It From Home,

I'm a Live Poker Nut and Avoid The Online Stuff In Ordinary Times But With What Were Going Through Today I'm So Glad We Have Poker Online.

It's Really Helped Keep Me In The Poker Frame Of Mind, I Can't Imagine Taking a Few Months Off and Then Just Jumping Back Into a Game.

Besides Online Poker Has Actually Been a Life Saver From Boredom and The TV Stuff. I Really Hope Things Get Better Quick And We Get Back To The Felt!

Until Then The Club Will Try To Make Our Online Poker As Fun As We Can, I Hope You Join Us Until We Return To The Felt Action. 

 New Members Looking To Play, Text Bob (330) 310-9658

The Bounty Caught Up With Charlie Friday Night And The Streak Comes To An End Or Will It Get Back On Track Tonight? Charlie's Horseshoe Kept Him Hitting Flops & Rivers All Night Until Raymond Took Him Out To Collect That $15 Bounty & Charlie Had To Settle For The Bubble Of $5 Friday Night 4th Place.



ON FIRE! CHARLIE Has it All Going On With Back To Back Wins Again, That's 4 Out Of 5 Tournament Wins, You Can't Get Any Hotter Than That! Let's See How Long His Streak Runs.................



 Sunday's $21 Blast Satellite Seen Charlie, Dave And Barker Win Their $199 Seats To The Big Game, Let's See If Any Of Them Will Parlay That $21 Into Some Big Money Over The 4th Of July Holiday Weekend.




This One Is Going To Get Interesting By The End Of The Month, Players Are Playing For May Points With Only The Top Six Moving On To a Seat At The Final Table Where Those 6 Will Play For Over a $100 In Club Bonus Money!