Pick 3 Standings
Harold 10.5
P.K. 10.5
Opie 10.5
Guido 10.5
Ed 2
Greg 2
Jim 3
Bob 1
Angie 1
Annette 2
Durby 2
Ted 0
Sarah 0

 Next Sunday's Games:

  1. Ravens +6.5 vs. K.C. -6.5
  2. Lions +7 vs. Eagles -7
  3. Rams -3 vs. Browns +3









Get Ready For Some Poker, Sunday's Just Got Even Better @The Club Now With Our Pick 3 NFL Contest Every Sunday.

Each Week The Club Will Have 3 NFL Games Of The Week & All Sunday Entries Will Make Their Free 3 Picks For That Sunday.

Contest Run's Through February 2nd's Super Bowl, Playoff Games & Super Bowl Will Be Included In Contest

(*Some Playoff Weeks & The Super Bowl Week Will Have Less Than 3 Game Picks That Week)

Super Bowl Winning Pick Will Be Worth 5 Points & Playoff Game Picks Will Be Worth 2 Points For Each Correct Pick

Points Will Be Awarded And Combined For Each Week Until Super Bowl With The Standings  Posted Here On This Page.

The Over All River Room Pick 3 Points Winner Will Receive 1 Month Of Paid Tournament Entries  (Up To $50 Maximum Per Tournament)

That's A Lot Of Free Poker For Our Winner!

Starts Sunday September 15th      View Results


         Contest Points Awarded As Follows:

  • 1 Point For Each Correct NFL Pick 3 Win Each Sunday

  • 1 Bonus Point For Getting  All 3  Picks Correct On Any Sunday (So 2 Correct Would = 2 Points But 3 Correct Would = 3 Points + 1 Bonus Point For a Total Of 4)

  • 1 Point For Finishing 1st, 2nd Or 3rd In That Weeks Sunday Tournament

  • 1/2 Point Bonus Added Per # Of Players Entered On That Sunday For Pick Sheets That All 3 Picks Win Only (14 Entries = Add 7 Additional Points If All 3 NFL Picks Win That Week)