Past Winners

Guido $440

Harold $360

Angie & Sarah

$72.50 Each


1 Through 30






We have revised the Fantasy Poker to make it a lot Easier and Better, Here's the New Rules Starting in August:

We will sell 30 Numbers at $5 Each (Limit 3 Draws Per Week Per Member)

On Championship Saturday All Entries Playing Will Also Draw Numbers From 1 To 30 (Free Draw, No Charge)

Match Your $5 Draw Number To The Players Who Draw Free Numbers And That's Your Fantasy Player (Say you have #7, Your Player is Who Draws #7)

(A Winner Every Championship Saturday)

Please Buy Your Tickets Early, You Have 3 Weeks To Get Your $5 Tickets, If Everyone Waits Until Championship Saturday To Buy Them It Holds Up The Start So Do It Early, Just Ask Bob For $5 Draws