1. Bob

  2. Angie

  3. Harold

  4. Steven M.

  5. Durby

  6. Bob W.

  7. Pete

I Know 4 or 5 Guys Told Me They Are Playing But I Can't Remember Who So If I Don't Have You On List Go Ahead & Register Or Text Me, Thanks


All-Star Poker Action With The 2019 MLB All-Star Game On To Watch @The Club

Tournament Details: Tuesday, July 9th

First Deal: 6:45 P.M.

Buy-In: $40

Chips: 15,000

(Optional Add-On's Of +$5,000 & +$10,000)

Blinds: 15 Minutes


Club Bonus Offer:

If We Get 16 Or More Entries Here's The Bonus Offer:

*If a Tribe Player Scores In The All-Star Game We

Will Pause The Action For 1 Hand Of 3 Card Poker For $100 Club Buy-In's

 For Any Remaining Players Still In Tournament.

1 Time Payout Only.