2024 Will Crown 1 Player The Title Of River Room's Player Of The Year! 

1st=$10,000 / 2nd=$2,000 / 3rd=$2,000 Each Month For Top 3 Point Finishers, Build Those Stacks!

JANUARY: Ted $10,000 / Bob $2,000 / Michelle $2,000


FEBRUARY: Jeff W. $10,000 / Garth $2,000 / Keith $2,000



Player Of The Year Tournament Details:

Buy-In: $100

Chips: $25,000

One $100 Rebuy Chip (First 2 Hours Only)

Blinds: 30 Minutes (Two Day Tournament)

Day One: Two Separate Groupings Of 20 Players Each Playing Down To Final 5 In Each Group

Day Two: Combine Both Groups Final 5 Players For The Player Of The Year's Final Table Of 10 Players

Day Two's Final Table Will Be 30 Minute Blinds Starting At $500 / $1,000 With Your Day One's Ending Stack Count

Can We Get A Female Player Of The Year? Our Incentive Is A Added $1,000 Bonus On Top Of It All, Good Luck Girls!

Play-In-Tournament Details:

A 2024  $1 Player Of The Year Tournament Sur-Charge Will Be Added To Each Tournament During The Year And Then Added To Player Of The Year Payouts

 End Of The Year Play-In Tournament, Any Players Who Played A 2024 Tournament Paying The Additional $1 Sur-Charge Will Qualify For The End Of The Year Play-In Tourney

Play-In Tournament Is A $50 Buy-In Tourney Awarding 4 Additional Seats To The 36 Seats In The Player Of The Year Tournament (50% Of Buy-In Paid Out & 50% To Player Of The Year Tourney)

The Year's One Dollar Collected Money Will Be Paid Out In Addition To The Player Of The Year's $100 Buy-In Plus The Club Will Add $500 In Free Play Money Making It One Of The Year's Biggest Tournament's + $1,000 Free Play For A Female Winner!

Player's Who Won A Seat Of The 36 Seats Are Eligible To Buy-In To The Play-In-Tournament But Would Be Invisible In The Top 4 To Win A Seat But Would Earn An Additional $15,000 Bonus Chips + $50 Entry Fee Back If  They Finish In The Top 4 Spots

Our  And Looking For A Female Winner

We Have Had Our Share Of Female Tournament Winners But Can A Female Win Our Biggest Tournament Of 2024?