Pool Details

 The River Room Bounty Pool Consists Of 40 Envelopes In Which Only One Contains The Mystery Bounty. All Players Will Start With One Bounty Chip And When Knocked Out Giving Bounty Chip To Player Eliminating Them. Players Will Collect Bounty Chips Until The Final Table Of Ten Is Reached. At That Point The Player With The Most Bounty Chips Will Get 1 Draw For Each Bounty Chip They Have From The Pool Of 40 Envelopes, So 4 Bounty Chips = 4 Envelope Draws. Find The Mystery Bounty Envelope And Win The Pool Jackpot! The Jackpot Will Start At $300 Cash (Provided By Club) The Jackpot Will Grow By $40 Per Tournament (Taken From Nightly Tournament Prize Pool) Each Time There's No Winner. Watch It Grow, Collect Those Bounties And Hope For That Mystery Bounty Pick! The Club Will Take $10 From Each Tournament Prize Pool To Help Fund Future Pools When Their Hit & Reset So That's A Total Of $50 Per Tournament Prize Pool ($40 + $10)

Final Table Ties, When The Final Table Is Reached And More Than 1 Player Is Tied For The Most Bounty Chips The Biggest Chip Stack Of Those Players Will Get The Bounty Draw.

*All Bounty Pools Will Be Capped At $5K Until Hit

Bounty Jackpots Always Remain at 40 Envelopes Until Jackpot Reaches Cap Of $5K, Then When Envelopes Are Drawn They Are Not Replaced And The 40 Envelopes Total Goes Down After Each Draw If Not Hit. A Minimum Of Ten Envelopes Will Always Be The Minimum # To Draw From Until Hit & Reset.

Everyone's In The Money

 Anytime The Jackpot Hits $3,000 Or More The Whole Final Table Is In The Money If The Jackpot Is Hit. When Jackpot Is Between $3,000 & $4,975 And Gets Hit Each Of The Other 9 Final Table Players Get $100 With Balance To The Jackpot Winner. Once The Jackpot Hits The Cap Of $5K And Is Hit Each Of The Other 9 Final Table Players Get $250 With Balance To the Winner!



The Re-Buy Rule:

Players Who Re-Buy Forfeit All Bounty Chips Won And Restart Tourney With Zero Bounty Chips But Can Start Collecting Bounties Again,

When Re-Buying Players Do Not Get A Second Bounty Chip With Their Re-Buy Chips.