April We Will Change It Up a Little With The River Rooms No Look Mystery Bounty Tournaments

So How Does Our Mystery Bounty Events Work?

  1. A Designated Portion Of The Tournaments Buy-In Will Go Into The Bounty Pool And Be Paid Out To The Player Eliminating The Bounty Player (In Some Cases When Noted The Bounty Player Will Also Be Paid A Portion Of The Pool (75% / 25%)

  2. Once Seated A Envelope Containing A Card Will Be Passed Out To Each Tournament Player (Don't Open Envelope Until Eliminated)

  3. As Each Player Is Eliminated They Open Their Envelope And View The Card And 1 Card In The Tournament Is The Bounty Card, Knock Out The Bounty Card Player And Collect 75% Of The Bounty Pot! (Other 25% To The Eliminated Bounty Player)

  4. No One Will Know Who The Bounty Player Is Until Their Eliminated

  5. If A Player Is Caught Looking In Their Envelope Or Anyone Else's A Full One Round Penalty Will Be Given 

  6. No Bounty Envelopes Issued To Rebuy Players, Once a Player Has Opened It & Then Rebuys They Will Not Get Another Envelope

  7. At $25 Per Entry That Bounty Could Be A Valuable One, Note Some Tourneys May Just Have A Pre-Set Bounty Amount, Good Luck!

  8. Some Tournaments Will Differ In Amount To Bounty Pool, Each Tourney Will Be Marked With Bounty Amounts Taken From Buy-In's 

 Our Next No Look Mystery Bounty Tournament Is On Sunday April 2nd @ 1:10 P.M. A Monster Stack $100 Buy-In ($25 Of Buy-In To Bounty Pool)


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