Saturday's In April Will Change It Up a Little With The River Rooms No Look Mystery Bounty Tournaments

So How Does Our Mystery Bounty Events Work?

  1. $25 Of Each Buy-In Goes Into The Bounty Pot Unless Other Wise Marked

  2. Once Seated A Card Will Be Passed Out To Each Tournament Player (Face Down, No Look)

  3. As Each Player Is Eliminated They Turn Over Their Card And 1 Card In The Tournament Is The Bounty Card, Knock Out The Bounty Card Player And Collect 75% Of The Bounty Pot! (Other 25% To The Eliminated Bounty Player)

  4. No One Will Know Who The Bounty Player Is Until Their Eliminated

  5. If A Player Is Caught Looking At Theirs Or Anyone Else's Bounty Card A Full One Round Penalty Will Be Given Along With All Of Any Bounty Money Won In That Tournament Forfeited  (Forfeited Money Would Be Added To That Nights Prize Pool Payouts, So Don't Look)

  6. At $25 Per Entry That Bounty Could Be A Valuable One, Note Some Tourneys May Just Have A Pre-Set Bounty Amount, Good Luck!

Try Our 1st $50 No Look Mystery Bounty Queen Of Hearts Tournament With $320 Added On Sunday March 26th @ 1:10 P.M. (Open $60 Buy-In To Only Club Members $20 To Players Drawn In #5 Queen Of Hearts Drawing)