The New 2022 Championship Games

PLAYER OF THE MONTH WINNERS: January: Barker / February Bob / March Randy G.

PLAYER OF THE MONTH WINNERS: April: Jordan / May: Ted / June: Jim

PLAYER OF THE MONTH WINNERS: July: Barker / August: ? / September: ?

Starting in January 2022 The Club will have Quarterly Championship Tournaments at the end of Each Quarter.

The Quarterly Championship Game is a $100 Buy-In Event Open for All Club Members Only

Our Player Of The Month Winner in Each of the Quarter's 3 Months Will Earn a Free Entry into the Quarterly Championship Along with a Chance

to Win $200 In Club Buy-In's If They can Win the Quarterly Event Too.

Our Player Of The Month Point System Has Been Simplified For 2022 And Should Open Up The Chance For Most Players To Win The Monthly Award With a Good Month of Poker.

Bonus: The Top Two Spots In Each Of Our 4 Quarterly Finals Tournaments Earn Seats Into Our 2023 Tournament Of Champions

First Quarter Top Two: 1- Dan S. / 2- Ted

Second Quarter Top Two: 1- Chris J. / 2- Barker


3rd Quarter Finals: TBA

3ed Quarter $100 Seat Quarterly Seat Winners:

July/ - Barker

August / Jim

September / -

*FYI: POM Winners Are Free Entries And Has No Money Going Into The Quarterly Payout Pot Due To The Entries Being Free

All Free Seats Won Must Be Used By That Player, No Carry Over & No Subs Just Use It Or Lose It!