Ticket Sales Open To All Current Club Members  

NEW MEMBERS MUST WAIT 30 Days Before Eligible To Buy Tickets:

*When Joining Our Club When The Queen Of Hearts Has Reached $2,500 Or More You Will Not Be Eligible To Start Buying Tickets For Queen Of Hearts For 30 Days Or Until Game Resets To Full Deck!

Players On A One Day Guest Pass Can Buy Tickets Anytime Jackpot Is Under $2,500 / Over $2,500 Is Members Only

 Next Draw: Sunday 6-16 / 53 Cards Left / POT: $230

Buy The Limit Of 4 Tickets And Get 1 Free, That's 5 For $20

Queen Of Hearts Club Rules For 2023: Now Up To 3 Drawings Every Weekend!

  • Limit 4 Tickets ($20) Per Person And All Players Must Buy Their Own Tickets

  • Drawing's Will Be Every Friday, Saturday And Sunday At 1st Break

  • 2 CARDS REMAINING RULE... Anytime Drawing Reaches Only 2 Cards Left & Don't Get Hit Then Next Draw Will Remain At 2 Cards (Plus $500 To Name Drawn If No Queen Of Hearts Is Hit)

  • Name Drawn Will Get $25 From Pot Regardless Of If They Find The Queen Or Not, But Once The Drawing Is Under 10 Cards Losing Tickets Get $100

  • Winner Who Finds The Queen Of Hearts Will Receive 80% Of Total Pot (20% Will Start The Next Drawing)

  • Only Members Of The Club Can Buy Tickets (Drawing Is Meant For Our Current Club Members, Not The Public) (Cash Game Players Do Qualify To Play Queen Of Hearts)

  • Any Members Who Would Buy An Advanced Tickets & Not Play Be Present At That Draw Would Get 50% Of Total Pot If Hit (50% C/O And Cards Reset To 52)







Is In Place To Keep The Drawing From Getting To Only 1 Card Left which would cause problems with Registration And Parking, But 1 Out Of 2 Chance's May Add Some Extra Draws Before Getting Hit But Eliminates Drawing From Just Being Who's Name Was Drawn That Day, Once At Only Two Cards A Loser Will Get $500 If Drawn But Don't Hit The Queen!

PAYOUT CARDS (As Of 6/15/24)

  1. Hit The 1 Joker For $500 When Pot Is $2K Or More

  2. Hit The Joker For $200 When Pot Is Under $2,500

  3. Joker Is Not Added Until Pot Hit's $1K

  4. Hit The Jack Pot Queen For 80%

  5. New 5 Tickets For $20

 One Queen Of Hearts / 1 Joker When Over $1K


By Purchasing a Ticket

You Agree To All Of The Club Terms For

Winning The Queen Of Hearts Pot.

The Winner Understands The Money May

Not Be Available for Up to

48 Hours in some cases due to not

Keeping that kind of Cash on Hand @The Club.

80% Payouts

20% To Next Pot


Open To All Current Club Members

Last Revised 11/1/2023