Our Next Queen Of Hearts Drawing Will Be Friday 5/8  POT: $1,845

Queen Of Hearts Club Rules For 2021: Now Up To 3 Drawings Every Weekend!

  • Drawing's Will Be Every Friday, Saturday And Sunday At 1st Break

  • 2 CARDS REMAINING RULE... Anytime Drawing Reaches Only 2 Cards Left & Don't Get Hit Then Next Draw Will Remain At 2 Cards (Plus $500 To Name Drawn If No Queen Of Hearts Is Hit)

  • Name Drawn Will Get $25 From Pot Regardless Of If They Find The Queen Or Not, But Once The Drawing Is Under 10 Cards A Losing Tickets Get $100 Until Drawing Reaches Two Cards

  • Winner Who Finds The Queen Of Hearts Will Receive 80% Of Total Pot (20% Will Start The Next Drawing)

  • Only Members Of The Club Can Buy Tickets (Drawing Is Meant For Our Current Club Members, Not The Public) (Cash Game Players Who Meet Membership Rule Is Ok To Play)

  • To Protect Our Members Who Buy Tickets Each Week Once Our Jackpot Hits $2,000 There Will Be a Limit Of 4 Tickets Per Person Per Week Until Jackpot Is Hit

  • Any Members Who Would Buy An Advanced Tickets & Not Play Be Present At That Draw Would Get 50% Of Total Pot If Hit (50% C/O And Cards Reset To 52))

  • New Joker's Added, Two Joker's Added Find a Joker & Get $250 Per $1,000 In Total Pot. ($5 to $1,000 = $250 / $1,005 to $2,000 = $500 / $2,005 to $3,000 = $750 And So On)



Current Drawing  (As Of April 2021)  Must Be a Current 2021 Club Member To Play

Once Draw Is Under 12 Cards Remaining Members Must Have Been a Current 2021 Member On Or Before April 30th, 2021 To Be Eligible To Purchase Tickets





NOTE:   Rules Revised 1/2/2021

By Purchasing a Ticket or by Winning a Ticket

You Agree To All Of The Club Terms For

Winning The Queen Of Hearts Pot.

In The Case Of Pot Getting Over $500 or More

The Winner Understands The Money May

Not Be Available for Up to

48 Hours in some cases due to not

Keeping that kind of Cash on Hand @The Club.

80% Payouts

20% To Next Pot



Is In Place To Keep The Drawing From Getting To Only 1 Card Left which would cause problems with Registration And Parking, But 1 Out Of 2 Chance's May Add Some Extra Draws Before Getting Hit But Eliminates Drawing From Just Being Who's Name Was Drawn That Day, Once At Only Two Cards A Loser Will Get $500 If Drawn But Don't Hit The Queen!

To Buy In To Our Queen Of Hearts You Must Have Been A Member As Of Draw #10 Of That Current Queen Of Hearts And Are Still A Current Member Of The Club