Drawing Players So Far:

  1. Jim

  2. Harold

  3. Rudy

  4. Charlie

  5. Sarah

  6. Ben

  7. Harold #2 (5,000 Bonus)

  8. Bob

  9. Terry

  10. Terry #2 (5,000 Bonus)

  11. Bob #2 (5,000 Bonus)

  12. Harold #3 (5,000 Bonus)


Current Contest Info:

  • 42 Cards Remaining

  • Six Money Cards Left

  • Jackpot At $1,545

  • Next Draw Friday 12/3





Just Buy a Queen Of Hearts Ticket In Our Current Queen Of Hearts Contest And Get Your Name Drawn And If You Don't Find The Queen Your Automatically Entered Into The River Room's 2nd Chance Poker Tournament And It's Free To Play! The Tournaments Payout Pool Will Be Funded By Taking $20 From Each Queen Of Hearts Draws To Build The Pot. The Longer The Contest Goes On The Bigger The Pot And The More Players Eligible For This Free Tournament! The Contest Must Reach a Minimum Of 16 Draws Without Hitting The Queen For Our 2nd Chance Tournament To Be Played.


The Structure & Bonus Chips

2nd Chance Tournament Players Will Start With $25,000 Chips With Optional $5 Add-On For $5,000 = $30,000 Total

One Optional 1 Hour Break Add-On $10 For $10,000 Chips / 1 Rebuy Chip With $5 Add-On Option If Not Used

So Your 1 Of Those Lucky Players Who Gets Drawn Alot Huh, Just Keep Adding Up The Bonus Chips Then!

$5,000 Bonus Chips Will Be Added To Your Starting Stack For Each Time Your Name Gets Drawn After Your 1st Time!