Total Buy-In's =

Total Re-Buy's = 

Day Two Remaining Players =

Spots Paid =









How's A Monster Stack Work?

Tournament Is Played Over Two Days

One Time $100 Buy-In For $100,000 Chips + $5 Add-On For $5,000 Total Chips $105,000

Players Play For 5 Hours On Day One Then Count & Bag Chips For Day Two

Re-Buy's Are Allowed On Day One Only ($105) Maximum 1 Re-Buy Per Player

Late Entries Allowed Until Start Of Day Two ($105 = $105,000 Chips + 1 Rebuy Chip)


Tournament Rules:

Day 1 First Break Will Be At The 60 Minute Point To Do $10 Add-On = $20,000 Chips & Queen Of Hearts Drawing

All Late Buy-In's Are Excepted Until First Card Is Dealt On Day Two

Late Buy-In's Get Full Stacks And Can Get All Add-On's Available From That Point On (Not Any Missed Add-On's)

Late Buy-In's Will Need To Wait Until End Of Current Level Being Played To Be Seated

Once First Card Is Dealt On Day Two All Entries Are Final And Re-Buy's Are Finished

Players Who Use Re-Buy Chip Are Not Eligible To Re-Enter Tournament As A Late Buy-In

1 Day Two Add-On Is Available For $5 = $25,000 Chips

Players Who Don't Use Re-Buy Chip Can Redeem Chip For $5 For Additional $25,000 Chips At Start Of Day Two

Day Two Late Buy-In's Don't Receive a Re-Buy Chip And Are Not Eligible For The Extra $25,000 For Re-Buy Chip