5:30 P.M. Cash Game Tuesday's


Cash Games $1 / $2 NL With Minimum $100 / Maximum $300 

 Jackpot Frozen @ $1,350 As Of April 6th, 2023

Cash Game Jackpot Will Be Paid Out 100% To All Members At The Table When Hit (50% Bad Beat Player & 50% Shared To Other Members @The Table) No Guests Are Eligible To Be Paid In Bad Beat

 (Members Only)

AAA/KK or QQ or JJ Using Both Hole Card Losing To A Better Hand Using Both Hole Cards

Bad Beat Jack Pots Are For Members Only, Guest's Not Eligible

 Important Rule: When The Bad Beat Is Hit All Play Must Be Stopped So Club Can Verify The Hand And Cards In Play, If Another Hand Is Played Before The Club Has Verified The Bad Beat Hand

No Bad Beat Funds Will Be Paid Out. You Can Not Say Hey Wait A Minute Wasn't That The Bad Beat 2 or 3 Hands Ago! When Hit Stop Action And Get It Verified By The Club, No Exceptions To Rule.



Player Reload Cost Is $5 For Each Reload During The Night