How To Win Our Tournament Bad Beat Jack Pot?

When Any Player Who Pays The $1 To Enter Before The Start Of The Tournament. Then If That Player Gets Quads Using Both Hole Cards And Looses The Hand To Another Hand That Wins Using Both Hole Cards It's A Bad Beat Jack Pot Winning Hand For The Losing Hand.

Examples Of Bad Beat Hands:

  1. 2 Players With Pocket Pairs And Both End Up With Quads

  2. A Player Gets Pocket Pair & Ends With Quads But Looses To A Higher Hand That Both Hole Cards Played In The Winning Hand

  3. Straight Flush Loosing To Another Straight Flush Where Both Hands Hole Cards Played In the Hand


All Players By Paying The $1 Agree To Follow Bad Beat Club Rules And Understand And Agree That The Club Has 1 Business Day To Pay Out Jack Pot When Needed. The Club Also Has All Final Say On Any Hands In Question During Bad Beat Hand In Play.

Next Bad Beat

Tournament Bad Beat Friday March 5th ..... $568

Cash Game Bad Beat Tuesday March 2nd ...... $217


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The River Room Jack Pot Is Optional To Play Each Tournament, A Player Opts To Pay The $1 To Be Eligible For That Events Jack Pot.

All Jack Pot Money Is Carried Over To The Club's Next Tournament If Not Hit That Tourney.

The Club Will Add $5 Each Time The Jack Pot Is Carried Over.

If A Jack Pot Reaches $2,500 Or More 50% Of Pot Will Automatically Be Paid Out Equally To Each Player At The Table Of Bad Beat. (Winner Would Receive 50% Of The Pot)

All Jack Pots Reaching $5,000 Can Have The Winning Requirements Adjusted By Club To Help Keep The Jack Pot Under Control From Reaching Too High Of A Total For Security Reasons.

Adjusted Jack Pots Will Always Need To Use Both Hole Cards In Both Hands And Never Go Below Full House (JJJ/**  Losing To Another Higher Full House Or Better.   

We Hope You Enjoy The $1 Added Chance At Some Big Money,

*Any Jack Pot (Cash Or Tournament) That Reaches $2,500 Or More Will Have $500 Taken Out To Start The Next Jack Pot


The Club Will Guarantee A $200 Minimum Pay Out To Get Our Bad Beat Started,

This Is Only If The Bad Beat Gets Hit Before Reaching $200 The Club Makes Up Difference